One Climate One World Campaign Launch

On the 21st – 23rd January, we gathered together with other young climate bloggers across the country to learn more about the CAFOD once climate, one world campaign.

On the Wednesday, we assembled together at the Othona community, in Essex, which was where we stayed for the two nights. It is an open community rooted in Christian traditions and is a self-sustainable environment making it the perfect place for our environmental trip.


Using Skype, we spoke to Mowdud from Bangladesh, about the effects of rising sea levels and cyclones on people’s daily lives. He works for the CCEC to prevent floods and aid the locals who suffer from the effects of climate change. This encounter has enforced our desire to blog and has showed us a real life example of the impact that climate change can have on everyone.

It reminded us of why we wanted to start blogging for climate change, and the importance of CAFOD’s campaign. He explained to us the extent to which CAFOD had worked in partnership with himself and the CCEC to support the coastal communities of Bangladesh. All of this has proved to us that campaigning does help, and even the smallest action can make a big difference.

On Friday 23rd January, our last day on the campaigning experience, we travelled into Brentwood and launched the Young Climate bloggers campaign with a group of year six students from the local school. We gathered in Brentwood Cathedral and launched the vlog we had been preparing the previous day signifying the start of our 2015 blogging campaigns on environmental issues.

Why not visit CAFOD’s website to find more about what we have been up to and view our first vlog:


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