Lent – cut it out challenge!

What are you cutting out this Lent? What difference will it make to stop climate change?

This year, CAFOD are organising a cut it out challenge to enforce their climate change campaign. For every pound they raise, the government are going to match it, so it is a great opportunity to raise money for our sisters and brothers overseas.

Usually in Lent I promise myself to give up chocolate or sweets and then it gets to the second week and I completely give up! But this year, I have a cause to work for and so do you.

There are three things that you could do:

GIVE – cut out something that you enjoy like chocolate and fizzy drinks, and then save up the money that you would usually spend on these things and give it to the CAFOD campaign.

ACT – cut out actions that harm the environment and change your actions to take car if our world. For example: switch the lights off; put on a jumper instead of the heating; cycle to work or school instead of taking the car; make a trip to a recycling centre instead of putting old clothes in the bin.

PRAY – cut out 5-10 minutes of your day to pray for our sisters and brothers overseas living in poverty so that they can tackle the effects of climate change upon their own and their families lives.

Personally, I am going to cut out chocolate and give the money to charity, as well as recycling some of my old clothes to charity. Also, I am going to buy fair trade Easter eggs this year!

So, what are you going to cut out this year?

For more information, look on the CAFOD website:


2 thoughts on “Lent – cut it out challenge!

  1. I’m trying to cut out charging my mobile phone overnight – instead of plugging in as I go to bed, I unplug. Taking up a good habit! (I’m also cutting out sweet things… That’s much harder!) All the best with your Lenten challenges – and thank you for your blog!

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