CAFOD: Be the Change

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Ghandi

As part of Global Development day, a CAFOD representative came to our school to educate us on the effects of the charity’s work, largely regarding a sports project he had visited in Kenya. As part of this, young children were being put back into mainstream school, and encouraged to escape a negative future through sport. It was truly moving to hear what CAFOD can do for a community, and to hear about specific projects that benefit young people.

As part of the workshop, we were asked to reproduce one of the mediums used to educate and alert people by CAFOD. We created our own comics to show something that CAFOD can benefit people with, or to educate people on schemes that they have to offer, such as the one climate one world campaign. This really helped us to understand the efforts they go to in order to spread their message, and only made us want to help them more in whatever way we can.

I believe that it is extremely hard to put into words how we can Be the Change, and perhaps we should therefore try to be through actions in our everyday life. I think perhaps, the best depiction of what it truly is to make an individual change is spoken through the words of Charlie Chaplin, whose speech encouraged millions to do what we were created to do, and live life to the full.


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