Where should our paper go?

A few years ago, we were thrilled to see that the government had issued recycling bins to every household in Britain and were thrilled about the positive impacts it had on the environment.

However, after this effort, we haven’t seen many more attempts to encourage recycling. For example, when looking around classrooms at many local schools we have seen that there are a few recycle bins however not enough to make a difference. Schools are on of the biggest users of paper and a lot of that paper goes to waste because of the vast amount that goes in and out of schools everyday.

For quite some time, we have been outraged by the lack of recycling, and now we are trying to make a difference. In our school we have arranged a meeting with the head teacher and are campaigning for recycling bins to be put in every classroom so that scrap paper used in lessons can be recycled instead of wasted.

Our efforts may only be little, but we hope that by spreading this message it will encourage you to raise awareness in your own schools too.


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