50k Reached, 7,299,950,000 to go

We have been part of a group of young CAFOD Climate Bloggers since January, and since then, between 25 of us, we have reached over 50, 000 people! 

We have worked hard to spread the word of CAFOD’s One Climate One World Campaign through blogging, social media, assemblies and charity events and are happy to celebrate the 50k people we have reached.
However, why stop now? There are 7.3 billion people in our world and we have only scratched the surface of how many people that we intend to reach in our campaign. 

So please join us on our journey to spread word of the drastic effects of climate change. Spread the word to family and friends, donate money to CAFOD or your local parish, or spread our message on social media using the following tags and hashtags:

@cafod @cafodbloggers #oneclimateoneworld  #theenvironmentmatters


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