Together we can do anything 


Falling softly into each of our outstretched trembling palms

She trusts we will protect her and love her as much as she has for us,

Some hands after fulfilling pretence as clammy and icy as sin remove their grip,

Unconcerned and aloof. 

She cries,

She melts,

She shakes

And with each passing day her fever grows.

A fatigued, faded soul treat as a caged creature

A future of destruction so unknowing she hides,

a blind bewildered thing. 

Her heart slowly shattering like the clatter of force on glass 

And her lungs filled to the brim with a thick black tsunami of smoke and chemicals

Cutting her breath short-

It is then that life, like a presence of a mighty wind takes her upon our shoulders

Arm in arm, hand in hand we can carry the weight of the world.  

– Holly Proctor

As one person even your small carbon footprint affects the bigger picture of climate change, although your lifestyle may seem less harmful than that of burning fossil fuels and the disposal and treatment of waste, the things we do day to day that are bad for the environment all add up when everyone in the world is doing the same thing. This also applies regarding the good things we can do for the planet like: recycling; walking/taking buses/cycling instead of driving individual cars; turning off lights and switching to LED lightbulbs; unpluging appliances after use; washing clothes in cold/warm water;  buying local organic foods; eating more vegetables than meat and consume at least one meat-free meal a day as 18% of greenhouse gas emissions come from meat and dairy production.
There is so much you can do that will benefit the environment day to day and all it is is a little switch!  



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