One Climate, One World, One Year

Recently we met up with CAFOD, and some of the other Climate Bloggers from up and down the UK, at their headquarters in London, we got to meet some amazing new people and experience many new things. We haven’t seen everyone since our visit to Othona so it was nice to see what everyone had done in the past year.

We learnt about Laudato Si’ the Pope’s letter to everyone in the world. It means ‘care for our common home’ and shows the deep concern the Pope has about climate change, very similarly to us. The fact that such a highly regarded figure cares about Climate Change, inspires us even more to carry on with our cause.
Also, Mark Camberlain, one of the CAFOD employees, told us an extremely touching story about his connection with Myanmar and the tragedies that keep occurring there. This has inspired us to start our ‘On Your Bike’ challenge where we will cycle from our school to Myanmar (8500km) on an exercise bike, raising money as we go.

We met some great people and were pleased to see the real scale of CAFOD’s One Climate, One World Project (it’s awesome). We also made a pretty cool vlog which we very much enjoyed making! The few days we spent were changing and truly inspirational.

We also worked out that between the 25 of us bloggers, over the past year, our work for the campaign has reached 50,000 people! Despite the fact that our year of blogging has officially come to a close, we will be continuing our blog and raising as much awareness for CAFOD as possible for what believe to be a truly amazing campaign!!


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