The Festive Thousand

This year we have worked extremely hard to raise a lot of money aiming to raise £1000 by the time it got to Christmas so that we could donate it using World Gifts. We did this in a number of ways, including bake sales, a sponsored run and working very hard to sell items, such as candles and cards, at our school Christmas Fair.


We have been working hard with the younger people in our school too and they helped us to raise some of the money through their own bake sales and craft fairs.

After all of our hard work we were thrilled when we counted up our money finding that, not only have we reached our goal of raising £1000 but we have exceeded this. Our final total was £1373!

With this we are donating to World Gifts to give presents to our brothers and sisters this Christmas. With the money we are able to install a water supply into a village to aid the community and send them animals such as “Marvellous Moo Cows”, “A Goat that Gives” and “A Pig that Provides”. These gifts will improve the quality of lives for people in these communities.

Thank you to everyone who donated and help us raise so much!




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