Let’s Get Conservative

Earlier this morning, I received a letter from the Correspondence Officer at 10 Downing Street, concerning the government’s political standpoint on climate change.

Referring to the conference in Paris last year, it reads: “An agreement was made to support the poorest and most vulnerable countries adapt to some of the impacts of climate change and build projects like dams against flooding and sustainable farms against drought.” Taking both ends of the spectrum, the government have clearly demonstrated where we want to be, but it’s how we get there that really matters.

Between the 196 countries who agreed to stop climate change, a global initiative was taken to think of ways to end it. And between wet and dry climates, we seem to have come to a solution. But there is always more that we could do. What the government recognise that many of us don’t is that “the agreement is also important to companiesĀ and businesses as well as regions”, and that through new projects and ideas, they could prove a key part in helping tackle this issue not just through creating new solutions, but by spreading the word.

As the letter states, “the most important thing you can do is to encourage as many people as you possibly can… to also cut their own carbon footprint.” We strongly believe that one person alone can make a difference, but by getting communities involved and really pushing an international effort against climate change, we will make the biggest impact. If we have one person backing this initiative who tells three of his friends, and then those friends tell their families, and then those families tell their teachers and their colleagues and their friends, then we have whole communities on board with the same idea. We need to take the idea of ‘paying it forward’ and make sure that we don’t just come up with new ideas, but we put them to use, getting new minds and new inspiration to help us tackle this issue of climate change, because it really does affect us all, and all of our little differences will contribute to a massive impact, whereby “the future is low carbon”.


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