Climate change… we’ve hit an iceberg…

In the biggest night of his life, Leonardo DiCaprio, a well esteemed actor and environmental activist, took time in his acceptance speech to talk about climate change.

Over the years, Leo has campaigned strongly about climate change, because it is such an important matter to so many people around the world.

In his words: “Climate change is real!”

He talks about this issue being the biggest threat to face humanity and tells people to take action. He also describes that, when him and his team were making ‘The Revenant’, they had to travel to the much southern part of the globe to find snow to film in. Climate change has caused such a dramatic change in this Earth’s climate that we all need to take action today!

So if you love Leo as much as we do, help stop climate change now!

If you want to see what Leo has been doing to help stop climate change, why not visit the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation website dedicated to protecting our world.




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