About Us

We are a group of seven young people attending St Robert of Newminster School and are passionate about Climate Change. We have joined a young CAFOD bloggers group to campaign against climate change as we hope to educate more people about this pressing matter.

You may be confused about CAFOD’s sudden interest in climate change because they are usually a humanitarian charity. Well, we were too, but since finding out that climate change is currently having a dramatic effect on people’s lives across the globe, we have decided to educate more people on the drastic effects of our own actions. Although we may not be affected by climate change ourselves at the moment, there are many people living in poverty who are struggling against the effects of climate change due to our careless actions.

We are not telling you to go out and save the world, we just want you to listen to our message and spread the word to others.

Why not check out how you can help on the CAFOD website.


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